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We help business and HR leaders improve HR’s business impact.

Transforming Talent Management

Organizations that adopt an Integrated Talent Management approach achieve greater performance, have a more engaged workforce, and yield better business results. Choose the solution that best meets your needs:
  • Improve our ability to hire more top performers in key jobs
  • Better align employee pay and performance
  • Implement an integrated Talent Management technology solution
  • More

Improving HR Operations

HR leaders today are expected to provide top-level services, but with smaller budgets, and fewer resources. We help clients improve “service delivery value,” by optimizing people, processes, and technology resources. Choose the solution that best meets your needs:
  • Define our HR service delivery roadmap
  • Implement or improve HR Shared Services
  • Select a benefits administration outsourcing partner
  • More

How We Work With You

We know that everyone’s needs are unique and we believe in meeting our clients “where they are”. Our services are fine tuned and targeted to meet your needs so you can choose the approach that works for you;
  • Over the shoulder coaching and education of your team where we help your team achieve results and build capability
  • Project based assignments where we manage a specific project
  • Interim assignments where we join your team for a specific length of time and agreed deliverables
  • More

About HRMpact

HRMpact works with HR and business leaders to develop Human Capital Management solutions that meet your specific business needs. More

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Media & Events

Webinar 11/7/12: How Integrated Talent Management Can Improve Your Return on People

In partnership with Halogen Software, Gary Kilzer, Managing Consultant of HRMpact, explores  Integrated Talent Management. More on the event