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Human Resource Services Delivery

Improving HR service delivery is the first step in transforming HR’s business impact.

Flawless delivery of core HR services such as benefits administration, HRIS, employee data and leave management is a necessary first step in improving HR strategic business impact. To download our Practical Guide for Improving HR Service Delivery, click here.

Improving HR service delivery demands a new approach to delivering HR services, one that optimizes people, process and technology. Whether you are focused on HR Shared Services or just improving HR Service you will need to improve your HR operations, and the employee experience while reducing your costs.

We have helped dozens or HR organizations improve HR service delivery, reduce costs, improve service and leverage HR technologies. We are proud of our track record and our approach has been proven successful time and again over the last 20 years.

We help you bench mark your current performance, streamline your HR processes, define your approach to outsourcing, optimize your vendor contracts, and select enabling technology.

Current State Assessment

We start by asking line management what HR services are most critical to achieving business goals, and how effective HR currently is at delivering those services. We then analyze current costs to deliver and current HR capabilities in order to establish a baseline and identify opportunities for improvement. Next we help you develop a plan to close the performance gaps and reallocate HR resources to more strategic HR activities.

HR Value Streams and Processes

We help you identify and map your HR service delivery value streams by defining value add and non-value add activities. Using a proven LEAN approach we help optimize your value-add processes, and eliminate the waste and cost from non-value add processes.

Sourcing Strategy

In today’s environment most HR organizations outsource one or more processes or services. Leveraging our knowledge of the outsourcing market, we help you assess your current outsourcing vendors and develop a sourcing strategy that optimizes outsourcing service and costs.

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