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HRMpact work hard and closely with clients to achieve optimal results. We know that when clients are knowledgeable of processes, there is better buy-in, and we achieve better results together. We also believe in transferring knowledge and building client staff capabilities so that yields a more sustainable HR management capability.

HRMpact workshops are designed to educate and empower HR professionals in their role. All workshops can be offered as part of a broader engagement, or as a stand-alone event to build in-house teams capability and commitment to a course of action. We share our knowledge, expertise and proven templates to help you achieve your goals.



(Nov. 7, 2012) In partnership with Halogen Software, Gary Kilzer, Managing Consultant of HRMpact, explores what Integrated Talent Management is, and why it is important for your organization. Gary is joined by Jennifer Triumph, Compensation Analyst for the Northern Indiana Region of Franciscan Alliance, who shares how their ongoing journey to integrated talent management has benefited her organization.

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Webinar 11/7/12: How Integrated Talent Management Can Improve Your Return on People

In partnership with Halogen Software, Gary Kilzer, Managing Consultant of HRMpact, explores  Integrated Talent Management. More on the event