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Integrated Talent Management

The value of an Integrated Talent Management Solution

A growing body of research indicates that companies that take an integrated approach to Talent Management achieve better business results. Building your organization’s capability to manage talent is the key to driving business results and building a more strategic role for Human Resources. Talent management silos must be surpassed for HR to ensure alignment between corporate and individual goals, as well as individual and organizational performance and rewards. It’s not enough to have a great employee performance management process if managers can’t or don’t use it, or only use it once a year to consider a pay increase.

Hiring and On-Boarding

One of the top predictors of employee engagement and performance is having a good fit between the employee, the organization, and the job. We help improve your ability to hire top talent by improving job fit. We work with you to develop job descriptions and high performance profiles for key jobs and then assess an applicant’s fit. We then work with you to structure an on-boarding process that works for your organization. Our approach has been proven to improve engagement and reduce unwanted turnover.

Employee Performance Management

We have helped dozens of companies design and implement employee performance management programs. Our experience and expertise is second to none and we use our best practice tools and templates to help you establish or improve your employee performance management program.

Aligning Performance and Pay

We have extensive experience designing base pay and incentive programs, and aligning performance and pay programs. We can help you develop a total reward strategy that ensure your pay and performance programs are aligned.

Base Compensation: We have helped many clients develop and implement base pay structures, including broad banding systems, skill base pay and competency based pay programs, as well as market pricing approaches to pay.

Incentives: We also design and implement individual and team-based incentives, and annual management and sales incentive programs. HRMpact helps clients ensure incentive programs support business objectives.

Employee Performance Management: HRMpact helps clients establish best practice employee performance management processes, goal setting and performance assessment as well as performance improvement programs.

Workforce and Succession Planning

CEO’s and boards are increasingly demanding talent plans. We can help you understand workforce demographics and develop a workforce planning process to ensure you meet talent requirements. We can also help you develop a succession planning process ensuring that you are developing the talent pools for key jobs in the organization.

Talent Management Technology

At the end of the day the most elegant talent management processes in the world are useless if they are not used by line management or if the employee skills and performance data are not accessible to executives and upper management. Talent management programs must be accessible on line if you expect managers to use them. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the talent management market we can help you define your talent management requirements, then select and implement the HR software that provides an integrated talent management solution.

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