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Integrated Talent Management Software

Integration is key to effective talent management

Building your organization’s capability to manage talent is the key to driving business results and building a more strategic role for Human Resources. Talent management silos must be surpassed for HR to ensure alignment between corporate and individual goals, as well as individual and organizational performance and rewards. It’s not enough to have a great employee performance management process if managers can’t or don’t use it, or only use it once a year to consider a pay increase.

A growing body of research indicates that companies that take an integrated approach to Talent Management achieve better business results and there are a number of reasons why taking a more integrated approach to managing talent is so important.

Boards are Demanding Succession/Talent Plans

With an estimated one in five CEO eligible for retirement, in organizations of all sizes the need for effective succession planning is increasingly important. Going beyond determining who is next in line to step into the executive suite, is increasingly critical. As Wharton School of Business Professor Peter Capelli asserts in his book Talent on Demand, failing to manage your talent pool is “equivalent to failing to manage your supply chain.”

There is a Need to Secure Top Talent Now

Statistics on the growing global talent shortage are not new. Some estimates put the shortage of skilled workers in the US at 3.3M in the US alone. U.S. labor economist Douglas Braddock estimates “that more jobs are expected to result from replacement needs that from employment growth.”

A New Strategy is Required to Keep the Changing Workforce Engaged

Today’s workforce needs to know that what they do matters and expect to be valued for their contributions. They have also grown up with technology and expect ongoing feedback and instant access to information.

Companies need HR to play a more Strategic Role

HR leaders are being called upon to work with their CEO, board and other business leaders, to help their organization achieve corporate goals by strategically addressing the associated talent challenges. Having actionable intelligence around employee performance, development and talent becomes a critical enabler.

Managers Need Automated Talent Management Processes

In today’s climate managers must have an intuitive, user- friendly application for managing all the employee performance management processes.

When we work with a solution provider that meets our criteria for innovation, technical excellence, scalability, customer service and responsible costs, we add them to our network of solution providers.

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