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Transforming HRSD -  (PDF) – HR leaders today are expected to provide top-level services, but with smaller budgets, and fewer administrative staff, and technical resources.  These employee services may include HRIS, payroll or compensation and benefits, for example. The model or method by which a company provides these services is called HR service delivery.

Typical HR departments can spend as much as 80% of their time and budget providing employee services and transactions.On the other hand, best practice HR organizations spend about 60% of their time and budget delivering HR services. This allows them to spend more resources (about 30%) managing talent and providing workforce planning and other more strategic HR services (about 10%) like workforce planning and metrics.

This white paper distills over 20 years of experience helping HR leaders improve HRSD and  provides a clear road map that you can follow to improve HR Service Delivery in your organization. Download Now

A Multifaceted Approach for Assessing Talent – (PDF) – Throughout the talent management life cycle (e.g., recruiting, selection, on boarding, performance management, succession planning and leadership development) there is a common and critical thread- the need to assess people. This Bersin & Associates 2010 Research Bulletin provides an overview of the different types of assessments, their uses and explore a couple of real-life applications. Download Now

Boosting the Productivity of Knowledge Workers - (PDF) – Knowledge workers make up more than 40 percent of the US workforce. Are you doing all you can to enhance the productivity of your knowledge workers? Download Now

The Productivity Imperative – (PDF) - “To sustain wealth creation, developed nations must find ways to boost productivity; product and process innovation will be the key”. Doing more with the same workforce is the challenge facing employers today. Download Now

Why Smart Employees Underperform – (PDF) - Why Smart Employees Underperform: Seven Hazards to Avoid – By Gary Kilzer – Today’s workforce is the smartest, best educated ever. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, 80 percent of all jobs created in the last decade were “knowledge worker” jobs, and currently 40 percent of all U.S. jobs require knowledge workers… Download Now

The Art of Hiring Smart: Improving Your Ability To Select Top Talent  - (PDF) - In today’s hyper competitive environment, finding top talent and ensuring you have the right person, with the right skills in the right job is more critical than ever. Companies simply can’t afford to make a bad hire, yet hiring practices haven’t kept pace with the changes in business. We still make these critical investments in human capital with little more than gut feeling. What other business investment would you make with this limited information? Download Now

Employee Appraisals Managers Will Love - (PDF) - For many managers, the employee appraisal is viewed as an unpleasant, laborious and time-consuming chore that delivers little value, rather than as a highly valuable tool for employee development and improvement. How can HR practitioners change this mindset so managers view the process differently, become more engaged and tap into the full potential and value of ongoing performance management? The answer lies in rebranding and putting the process in a new context—By creating performance appraisals that managers and employees will love. Download Now

Customer Experience with Talent Management Systems - (PDF) - Bersin and Associates – An Executive Summary of 2010 study of customer satisfaction with 45 Talent Management Providers summarizing results from more than 700 customers. Download Now

Making HR More Strategic – (PDF) – Today’s business climate is forcing a shift in the role HR plays – from administrative support to strategic manager of an organization’s greatest asset – its people. Learn about the key drivers behind the shift and the vital role talent management systems are playing in supporting HR’s transformation. Download Now

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